Clarify This: What Is an Industrial Clarifier?
Monday, October 18, 2021

Do you have an interest in wastewater management? Are you curious about how drinking water is processed? Or do you simply like to learn about the world around you and how everyday processes function?

Water treatment is an often complex and fascinating collection of systems and mechanisms. It's something that may not be well known to many, a behind-the-scenes process that is constantly in motion without our knowledge. If you'd like to change that, this article can help.

What is an industrial clarifier? What purpose does it serve and how does it work exactly? This is what this guide seeks to clarify.

To learn more about the industrial water clarifier and what it does, read on.

What Is an Industrial Clarifier?

An industrial clarifier is a large-scale machine whose purpose is to clean, purify and remove debris from water. There are many different types of industrial clarifiers, depending on the exact results required or the industry in question a specific model may be preferable.

An industrial clarifier is usually used to make water cleaner after larger pieces of debris and dirt have been previously removed from it. It has a number of different mechanisms that can facilitate this.

How Does an Industrial Clarifier Work?

So, how does a commercial clarifier achieve the important task it has to take on? There are several main ways it does this.

The size, shape, and speed of the tank allow sludge to settle. At the same time, it encourages floating solids and oils to rise to the surface. When these two elements are separated, they can be removed from the water in an effective manner.

When extra assistance is needed, features such as mechanical flocculation and chemical coagulants can be added. Mechanical flocculation refers to when smaller particles get forced together so they can be more easily identified and removed from the water. In a similar vein, chemical coagulants change the makeup of particles in order to make them easier to eliminate from wastewater.

When sludge settles to the bottom of the water, it's removed via a rake that scrapes along the bottom of the tank. As for the scum that formulates on the surface of the water, this is then skimmed off the top by way of an automated arm.

Exciting new technologies are being constantly invented which are enhancing and advancing the efficiency of the industrial water clarifier. This will in turn make clean water more easily accessible for more industries and people across the world.

The Industrial Clarifier: A Short and Succinct Guide

An industrial clarifier is a powerful tool with an important function. It creates cleaner water through a series of mechanisms of varying sophistication and complexity. If you'd like to learn more about this powerful machine, and the other equipment produced by Entech Design, feel free to check out our blog or get in touch with a member of our trusted team today.