The Ultimate Guide to the EchoSmart: Everything to Know
Monday, June 21, 2021

It's not only the year that EchoSmart was invented that sets it apart. It is also the unique features embedded in the model itself. From digitization and cost cuts, our EchoSmart has proven its contending status within the sludge blanket monitor industry.

A Brief Overview

In short, EchoSmart is a device for monitoring sludge. Devices used to monitor levels of sludge are used for any activated sludge system. This means any system that deals with municipal and industrial wastewater.

EchoSmart Features

What sets EchoSmart apart from other devices monitoring sludge is several unique features. EchoSmart is a digitized platform, removing all analog features that hinder seamless function.

The EchoSmart also has Smart-Sensor technology, an advanced mechanism that's compatible with field sensor networks. In addition, these networks can also be created wirelessly.

EchoSmart Benefits

EchoSmart's digitization sets it apart from older monitor designs, but it's not just that which modernizes it.

Its digitization also allows observers to locate the analyzer in the sensor. This digitization also allows for a more varied interface. Instead of being confined to buttons and cogs, EchoSmart can flip through different digital screens to access great features.

This means better communication capabilities and lower installation/maintenance costs. EchoSmart's wirelessness also cuts down expensive conduit and cabling costs that can blow apart a budget.

It's not just the digitization and wirelessness that sells the EchoSmart. EchoSmart's Interface Level Analyzers are part of EchoSmart's unique technology. This technology gives users wider network capabilities.

Most notably, their Smart-Sensor technology enables users to maintain up to 16 Smart Sensors. All with a single EchoSmart Controllers. Instead of incurring the usual "per-tank" costs, EchoSmart allows users to control fields of sensors with one controller.

All this means major cuts in costs and time. Although EchoSmart is a modern tool, it is actually meant to measuring sludge levels more accessible.

So, if you were hesitant because of the glamor that a "modern" appliance implies, don't be. It's meant to make the job easier, not harder.

Get the Latest Sludge Blanket Monitor With EchoSmart

When it comes to sludge blanket monitors, it seems like there is not much to think about. However, the unglamorous nature of sludge monitoring responsibilities doesn't matter. Our EchoSmart technology proves that many have overlooked where there's room for improvement.

At Entech Design, we're committed to accurate and innovative industrial technologies. That's why we have created our handy EchoSmart, which is meant to redefine what our standard of monitoring sludge levels is. If you're interested in one, contact us today.