Top 7 Benefits of Installing a Commercial Backflow Prevention Device
Monday, February 10, 2020

In today’s high-tech and ultra-modern world, it’s sometimes easy to take access to clean drinking water for granted.

But the truth is, there’s a lot that goes into providing your home or business with quality, contaminant-free water. One of the most important safeguards is an often-overlooked but very important piece of technology called a backflow prevention device.

Backflow preventers are a crucial piece of any drinking water system. They’re meant to protect your water supply from contamination by wastewater or other non-potable water.

And that’s a positive thing, because you don’t want your water fouled by pollutants, microorganisms, harmful chemicals such as ammonia, and every other kind of nastiness.

So let’s delve a little deeper into the mysteries of backflow prevention, and examine the top seven benefits of installing a backflow preventer.

Backflow Preventers: The Basics

Now if you’re wondering exactly what is a backflow preventer, you’re probably not alone.

They’re hardworking little devices that do a dirty job and don’t get much recognition for it. A backflow prevention device, as its name suggests, is designed to stop backflow. Backflow happens when the pressure drops in a pipe, causing wastewater to get sucked in the wrong direction.

And that’s where things get a little messy. The wastewater can mix with and contaminate the drinking water, which is never desirable.

The wastewater frequently derives from various non-potable sources, such as groundwater or, worst of all, sewage. Obviously, it comes with an unpleasant taste, and the health effects of consuming contaminated water are even more unpleasant.

The 7 Benefits of Installing a Commercial Backflow Prevention Device

So why go to all the trouble to install a backflow valve? It’s just another useless piece of technology that nobody really needs, right? Wrong.

Here’s why you need a backflow prevention device installed in your home or business:

Code Enforcement

In some areas, proper backflow preventers are legally mandated, so installing one is a matter of complying with the law.

Good Taste

Backflow preventers keep pollutants out of your drinking water, so it tastes clean and fresh.


By keeping your water clean, it ensures that it’s safe for drinking, cleaning, etc.


Clean water means no health issues that might arise from consuming water that’s been contaminated by pollution, bacteria, and who knows what else.


A good backflow preventer keeps out foreign matter that could damage your pipes, and lead to costly repairs.

Unfettered Access

Any damage to your system will mean a period of hours or maybe days without access to water. With a good backflow preventer, this situation could easily have been avoided.

Peace of Mind

The precious knowledge that you’re drinking clean, safe water, and needn’t worry about health issues, or the costs incurred by repairs and backflow prevention testing.

Ensure Your Drinking Water is Safe and Clean

Fretting over whether your business has an adequate backflow prevention device may seem like just another bother. But it’s an investment that will reap enormous dividends down the road, in terms both of health and cost savings.

Wondering where to begin? Get in touch with us at Entech Design, and let us help provide your business with the freshest and cleanest drinking water.