3 Big Reasons You Should Be Monitoring Your Water's Ammonia Levels
Wednesday, December 25, 2019

When you're looking for ways to improve your business, you'll often come across ideas ranging from office aesthetics to employee benefits. However, there is one unique idea definitely worth adding to your list.

Keep reading to learn more about the influence of ammonia levels in your company's water and how it can impact your overall business environment.

Why You Should Monitor Your Water's Ammonia Levels

Ammonia is a naturally occurring substance that is typically used in soil fertilizers and cleaners. When it stays at its proper levels, ammonia can be helpful for its intended uses.

However, like most good things, too much in the wrong place can lead to negative effects. For example, ammonia in the air can cause breathing problems, while water with high ammonia levels can be accompanied by an undesirable taste.

Here's why you should monitor your water's ammonia levels.

1. Ammonia Influences Health

Drinking water that has high ammonia levels isn't good for organ system health in the long term. This is especially relevant if you and your employees consume the majority of your water from your workplace water system.

On the other hand, ensuring you have clean well-monitored water can be a great help, allowing your current employees to have the peace of mind of knowing what they drink is completely safe.

Plus, well-monitored water can also become a potential incentive for future job seekers, especially if they like to refill their water bottles during the workday.

2. Animals Are Sensitive to Ammonia Levels

If you're a pet enthusiast, monitoring your water's quality standards is important if you have a lot of aquatic animals in your business. Fish are much more sensitive to ammonia levels, and having unsafe water can lead to permanent damage.

By monitoring your ammonia levels, you'll be better able to provide your tanks with a consistent stream of safe, clean water each time you change it out.

And as this substance can occur naturally in the tank itself, you'll be limiting their exposure long-term.

3. Safe Water Helps Your Company Stand Out

Ultimately, even if your water turns out to be fine, monitoring it can still offer the benefit of prevention. It is much better to be able to know and guarantee that your water is safe rather than to guess.

Additionally, being able to guarantee safe water is something both your employees and customers would appreciate, helping your business to stand out from the competition even more.

Making Your Business the Best It Can Be

Monitoring your ammonia levels and water quality might seem like one more thing to keep up with at first glance. However, having the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you and your employees are consuming is safe can be well worth it in the long term.

Not sure where to start? Then feel free to contact us! We'd be happy to help you ensure the water quality your business needs.