EchoSmart Interface Level Analyzer

EchoSmart is an exciting new development in interface level analyzer technology that offers the advantages of new and innovative instrument architecture. The result is greater flexibility in equipment configuration options, enhanced communication capabilities and reduced installed cost.

Competitive instruments, and current BinMinder 9300 technology, employ simple sensors that generate an unprocessed signal that is then transmitted to an analyzer for signal enhancement, interpretation and tracking (measurement determination). In a few cases, analyzers accept multiple sensor inputs in an attempt to lower the installed cost, as with BinMinder 9300.

This design is limited by: (1) the number of sensor inputs that an analyzer can accept, (2) high piping and cabling costs, and (3) the inability to provide real-time measurement updating, and (4) electronics failure results in loss of multiple measurements.

EchoSmart Architecture
EchoSmart solves these problems by putting the brains of the system in the sensor and providing creative options to interlink up to 16 sensors in wired or wireless networks. Wired networks can expanded to include as many as 128 sensors.

EchoSmart Sensor
EchoSmart introduces the first-of-a-kind Smart Sensor for interface level measurement. With EchoSmart, the sensor doesn't just generate the raw signal. It performs all signal control and enhancement functions, interprets the signal, produces the measurement, and outputs analog and digital information (4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus).

The sensor is truly the Smart device and does most of the work that previously could only be accomplished by a separate analyzer. It’s this capability that enables operation using an inexpensive EchoSmart Power Supply Unit for integration into an EchoSmart Field Network, as described below.

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EchoSmart Interface Level Analyzer