Ash Tracker

For more than a decade, coal-fired power utility stations across the US have relied on our patented MAPS 20/20® imaging system for reliable bottom ash measurement and control.

These systems assist operators to –

Monitor bottom ash levels, distribution patterns and ash volume (Cu. Ft.)

  • Set alarms and control points to initiate conveying
  • Convey based on ash level rather than time
  • Maintain water level in the hopper
  • Confirm that hoppers are fully emptied

In response to customer demand for low cost solutions that can be applied in a broader range of ash collection systems, we are now introducing the next generation in this important measurement technology – Ash Tracker™.

Ash Tracker offers many of the same features of MAPS 20/20, but with these advantages:

  • Very low initial cost of investment and ongoing cost of ownership
  • Inexpensive, robust, fixed-point sensors – do away with the high cost and frequent maintenance of mechanical scanning sensors
  • Can be applied in a broader range of ash system design – including low profile tanks, submerged flight conveyors and step-bottom hoppers
  • Simple set up and operation
  • Enhanced measurement reliability with repeated signal sampling at fixed measurement locations

Ash Tracker utilizes strategically located fixed-point sensors for effective measurement at dramatically lower cost – reducing equipment costs by 60–70% compared to scanning systems. Budgetary pricing for a typical conventional bottom ash hopper collection system ranges from $7,500 to $22,500 (varies with the number of hopper sections).

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