Field Evalutations

We are pleased to support field evaluations of EchoSmart analyzers in your plant. We supply the equipment complete with Factory Remote Start-up and weekly data collection. It's your responsibility to install the instrument with the support of an Entech Design Factory Authorized representative, often our local Territory Sales Representative, and in accordance with our instructions. Installation in most applications is simple, requiring only temporary mounting of an EchoSmart Sensor and Controller from existing safety railing using mounting brackets that we supply and a 3/4 inch pipe joint that you supply. You provide temporary 110/240 VAC power to the instrument and optionally may connect to the onboard 4-20 mA signal for local data collection. We download instrument trend data and it supply to you on a weekly basis. We ask that you record field measurements using your standard method (sludge tube, suspended solids meter, etc.) and exchange that data with us. It is highly advisable to increase the frequency of field measurements during the course of the evaluation in order to have sufficient data for comparison.

Product evaluations typically are concluded in 2-4 weeks, but we will gladly consider your special requests.

CAUTION: A high percentage of plants that evaluate our equipment purchase within one year of the product demonstration or specify it in upcoming projects.