sludge level measurement for wastewater clarifiers and thickeners
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Bottom Ash Level Measurement and Sludge level measurement

Ash Tracker - Bottom Ash Level Measurement

Bottom Ash Level Measurement

This is the next generation in reliable, low cost, trouble free bottom ash level systems. Rugged and dependable fixed-point sensors provide an inexpensive, low-maintenance alternative.

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EchoSmart - Continuous Sludge Level Measurement

Continuous Sludge Level Measurement

EchoSmart is an exciting new development in interface level analyzer technology that offers the advantages of new and innovative instrument architecture.

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Uniquely Cost Effective Wired and Wireless Systems

Uniquely Cost Effective Wired and Wireless Systems

EchoSmart's Smart Sensor technology makes it possible to implement very cost-effective wireless field networks of up to 16 sensors.

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  • DOW Chemical
  • DC Water and Sewer Authority
  • City of Los Angeles
  • City of Portland
  • City of Dallas
  • City of York
  • Houston Public Utilities
  • Orange County San. District
  • City of Albany
  • Hussey Copper
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